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OLS Consulting Group Inc. has the experience and expertise to help you succeed!  We specialize in providing security training to immigrants and newcomers to Canada as well as students with English as a second language!  Our instructors have international experience in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East! Come learn with us and succeed!

HFRG Threat Pattern Recognition Use-of-Force (Formerly PPCT)

This is the mandatory use-of-force, handcuffing and baton training required to obtain a baton endorsement on your Alberta security license. It is the most widely accepted use-of-force training program in the world.


The course covers topics such as:


  • Human Factors

  • Pressure Points

  • PPCT Blocking System

  • Defensive Counterstrikes

  • Joint Locks & Take-Downs

  • HFRG Impact Weapons System (Baton)

  • Weapon (Firearm) Retention & Disarming


Close Protection

This is an intensive 40-hour training program designed to give students the skills to effectively perform an executive protection (bodyguard) role. It is based upon the same methodologies used by the United States Diplomatic Security agents. Our instructors have extensive experience providing high-risk protective services all over the world. They will teach students the skills to effectively provide protective services in a professional environment. 


The course covers topics such as: 

  • Pre-Operational Intelligence 

  • Advance Work / Reconnaissance

  • Elements of a Protective Detail

  • Foot & Vehicle Escorts

  • Protective Detail Formations

  • Route, Vehicle, Residence & Office Security

  • Immediate Action Drills


Alberta Basic Security Training

This is the mandatory training program required to obtain a security license in Alberta. The program is offered on weekends (2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays), or during weekdays (Monday to Friday).


The course covers topics such as: 

  • Canadian Law / Charter of Rights & Freedoms

  • Security Industry Legislation in Alberta

  • Security Guard Roles & Duties

  • Note Taking & Report Writing

  • Emergency Response & Personal Safety


Blade War Edged Weapon Combative

This training program is a complete introduction to edged weapons combat.  


Subject matter taught in the program includes:

  • Legal considerations for knife carry

  • Use of force and the law (Canadian)

  • Knife grip considerations

  • Knife carry and deployment

  • Combat ranges

  • Angles of attack

  • Footwork and mobility

  • Knife-to-knife counters

  • Attack and defense combinations

  • Flow drills

  • Control techniques

  • Combat mindset


Tactical Control Measures

This is an advanced defensive tactics program.  It was developed to address the need for superior training of law enforcement and security personnel in protecting themselves against serious assaults and subject resistance while on the job.  The program gives students an increased capacity to safely control seriously violent and aggressive subjects.


Program topics include:


  • Situational Assessment

  • Tactical Positioning

  • Footwork and Movement

  • Angles of Approach

  • Defenses Against Grabs, Punches, and Kicks

  • Physical Restraints and Joint-Locks

  • Universal Impact Weapons System

  • Standing, Kneeling and Prone Handcuffing

  • Defense Against Edged and Impact Weapons

  • Firearms Disarming

HFRG Threat Pattern Recognition Use-of-Force (Formerly PPCT)
Blade War Edged Weapon Combative
Close Protection
Tactical Control Measures
Alberta Basic Security Training

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