ReSkilling & UpSkilling

Advanced Microsoft Office and 0365 For the Workplace

For people who are preparing to reenter the workforce and have taken Level 2 or need a refresher of the latest software updates. In addition to learning to navigate One Drive and the collaborative environment of Office 365, students will learn the most advanced features in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Students will also discuss digital transformation, best practice processes for collaboration, all while exploring some of the many apps that come with Office 365.

Customer Service Multi-Channel Support 

For people looking to understand the fundamentals of customer service while also creating a foundation of the multi-channel nature of today’s customer interactions. Learners will be introduced to the foundational concepts of customer service while learning to apply them using software like, Hootsuite, and Outlook, common software in various customer service roles. Participants will also discuss relationship building in-person, over the telephone, via email and through social media. 

Level 1 Introduction to Computers

For people with little to no experience with computers. Participants are introduced to basic computer functionality, file explorer, keyboarding and mouse skills, navigation of Windows 10 and the internet as a research tool. Students will also be introduced to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook and will be able to create basic documentation, emails and spreadsheets.

Level 2 Computer Essentials

For people who have a familiarity with Microsoft Office and can create basic documents. Participants will expand on the basic functions learned in Level 1 while further developing their problem-solving skills. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook will be explored while discussing consistency, professionalism and best practices. Students will also have a chance to explore the advanced features of Windows 10 including the creation and use of virtual desktops.

Level 3 Solidify and Practical Application: Level 1 & Level 2 Skills

For people who need additional help and experience using Microsoft Office. Learners will have the time and additional support to solidify and apply what they have learned in Levels 1 and 2. This course provides the opportunity to build their capacity in Microsoft Office by having the learners challenge and practice their thinking and processing skills. 

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Level 1 Introduction to Computers
Level 2 Computer Essentials

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