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ReTrain Canada is Canadian owned and operated.


We believe in Community over Competition. 

ReTrain Canada is dedicated to the reskilling and upskilling of Canada’s working and middle classes, creating a solid foundation for Canadian’s current and future success. Our course offerings have been developed to provide career options that use technology employers are hiring for. In fact, we consistently work with employers to develop and evolve our materials.  

We continually work with organizations to ensure our course content is relevant and practical. 

Our instructors have a solid foundation of industry experience along with being expert guides through the learning process.

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What People Say

“ Great place, easy to learn as the class size is designed to support learning ”  

— Student

“ Wonderful place to work-friendly and inviting atmosphere. Good learning curve ”

— Staff

“ I learned that even at my age, I'm still able to learn what the millennials can, just I can’t out-hustle them.”

— 75-year-old student

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